Google is expected to announce a refreshed Chromecast at its hardware event in New York today, but it seems a UK retailer got its timing a little off. Very, online purveyor of clothes, furniture, and electronics, is already selling the new model.

This is a little different from Best Buy, which let a few third-generation Chromecasts out the door prematurely earlier this month. Very's listing is fully functional, complete with the option to add the device to your basket. Aside from a few photos, though, the seller doesn't reveal any new information; all the product details in the listing for this new model are the same as the last one, right down to the price: £29.99.


Product images of the third-generation Chromecast.

We'll know all about the third-generation Chromecast and all Google's other heavily-leaked new goodies in just a few hours, but if you're champing at the bit for some early-access Chromecast action, you can check out the product listing at

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