For years now, the quirky feature of most wireless headphones has been, well, wires. Now, thanks to companies like MJYUN, we have truly wireless headphones and at an affordable price. In fact, 15 of our readers will be getting them at the price of "truly free" and the rest of you can take advantage of a 45% off coupon.

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When I say truly wireless, I mean not just no wire connecting to your phone, computer, or other host device, but no wire connecting the buds either.

I know that many "wireless" headphones I've used in the past have had trouble staying in because the cord connecting the buds constantly twists, gets caught, and so on. With these, you just won't be dealing with those kinds of problems. The sweat proofing makes them a great option for runners, who are going to be most aggravated by corded headphones that snag with every stride.

The MJYUN truly wireless ear buds come in both white and black and include a portable charging case that gives you up to 8 hours of extra charge when the headphones are not in use.

You can play music for 2 straight hours between charges and standby time is 80 hours. You get both battery performance and quality audio thanks to their support for Bluetooth 4.2 and A2DP.

Despite the lack of cords, these headphones do still have a built-in microphone, so taking calls is no sweat. The batteries support 4 hours of talk time.

You can learn more at Amazon, where they retail for $39.99. Of course, we have a deal for AP readers: Using the code UXD6KDQD at checkout, you can get 45% off (that's $18).

To win a free pair, enter below. You must have a US shipping address to claim your prize. The contest ends on Saturday, October 6th at 11:59pm Pacific time. Make sure to come by each day and get your free daily entry!

MJYUN Truly Wireless Ear Buds giveaway