Google's YouTube TV offers a reasonably good value for streaming live TV. It has all your local stations, a fair number of cable networks, and several sports broadcasters. However, the unlimited cloud DVR has been artificially limited on many channels. Rather than the recorded version, some channels force you to watch VOD versions with ads. Today, YouTube TV will start opening up DVR options for more networks.

YouTube TV added the option to see different versions of your recorded programs earlier this year—you can tap the down arrow next to programs to expand the list. You might have several live recorded versions of a show, and most channels offer a VOD edition. Those come with unskippable ads, and some networks block access to your DVR versions. That is incredibly lame.

Going forward, YouTube says AMC, Disney/ABC, FOX, NBCU and Turner-owned channels will let you watch the DVR version. That means you can skip the commercials if you want (and you probably do). Several of these networks opened up DVR access before today, but Fox and NBC are definitely new. We've asked YouTube to provide a list of which channels do and don't allow standard DVR recordings.

YouTube TV: Live TV & more
YouTube TV: Live TV & more
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