Here's some breaking news for you: Verizon has stopped selling the Pixel 2. Its disappearance is a great enigma, and it couldn't possibly be linked to the Pixel 3's unveiling in less than a week. Funnily enough, the page title still mentions a free Google Home Mini promo with the purchase of a Pixel 2, but we suspect that'll be a pretty difficult promo to take advantage of.

Sad trombone.

Verizon doesn't traditionally pull availability of flagships just because a new one is coming out, but that's what's happened here.  Perhaps stock has been depleted and Verizon just doesn't see much reason in restocking. In case you were wondering, Verizon is still offering the Pixel 2 XL, which I would assume is more popular.

Anyway, press F to pay respects for the Verizon Pixel 2.