Instagram has announced a couple of new features aimed at connecting more users. The first, which the company is calling nametags, are customizable card-like graphics that function like QR codes; scanning a user's nametag from inside the Instagram app will take you to their profile. The other is a directory that sorts users based on their college, letting people connect more easily with classmates.

The nametag experience.

Nametags can be customized in a number of ways, with users able to change the tag's colors and add emoji or photos. You can scan nametags from the Instagram camera, or by tapping a button in the corner of your own nametag view. It's a neat idea; easier to have someone you're talking to in person scan your screen than search for your username. Nametags will be available in the Instagram app today.

School communities.

School communities are in the testing phase, but eventually, you'll be able to a link to your profile that connects to a directory of other users who've added the same school as you. You can browse by class year to follow or send messages to other users who go (or went) to your school.

Check out Instagram's description of nametags in the app's changelog below.

Introducing nametags

Quickly add friends on Instagram by scanning their nametags. Customize your own nametag with emojis, colors and selfies.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+