It’s reasonable to expect a few problems when updating to a new operating system, especially when your routine involves third-party apps and accessories. Given the popularity of smart devices and fitness bands, and how much we tend to rely on these devices, we trust manufacturers to maintain compatibility, but this doesn’t always happen perfectly. In the case of Fitbit, a growing number of users have begun complaining that their units will not sync with Android 9 Pie.

Nearly two months ago, a moderator at the Fitbit forums made a post about the syncing issues and said that she would escalate the concerns. Since that time, there have been two updates for the Fitbit Android app (current version is 2.80), and people continue to report problems. In some cases, performing a factory reset on the Fitbit has resolved the error and in other cases doing a full restore on both it and the Pie device clears things up.

For others, simply unpairing the device in Bluetooth settings and pairing it again causes it to show up on the app once more. According to Fitbit moderators, the 2.80 update should have solved the primary syncing issues while the team continues to work on a solution for background syncing, but some users continue to struggle.

It’s important to note that not all Fitbit users have encountered these problems. Here at Android Police, we have at least one Alta 2 functioning normally on a Pixel 2 XL running Pie. If you have a Fitbit device and you’re running the latest operating system, drop us a line in the comments to let us know your experience.

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