Earlier this year, Google made it possible to purchase domains ending in .app, and now you can grab another flavor of exotic domain. Today, .page domains are available in early access. Anybody can buy one, but they'll be cheaper once they enter general availability on October 9.

For the next week, .page domains can be purchased from a select number of partners including Name.com and GoDaddy. "Prices decrease the closer we get to General Availability," according to Google, but they seem to be pretty low already — GoDaddy shows $10.99 for the first year, assuming multiple parties don't try to register the same domain. Beginning October 9, .page domains will be available from more providers "without paying extra fees."

Before you go thinking you're clever, private registrations have been going on since late August, and a lot of the good .page domains — including home.pagefront.page, turnthe.page, and even ellen.page — are already taken. If you've got a good idea, head over to get.page to see if it's available.