This past summer we saw a lot of new stores come on board with Google Express, Google's one-stop-shop for, well, shopping. But while there's been a boatload of new retailers selling their merchandise through Google's online storefront, we've definitely noticed a trend away from big-name companies and towards a lot of more specialist stores. That situation doesn't look like it's about to fully reverse course any time soon, but today we've got that rare addition of a major new Google Express store, as Best Buy pulls up a chair.

It's only been three weeks since we last shared with you a breakdown of the new retailers to list their stuff on Google Express, and since then the service has added an impressive 95 new partners. Most of those continue to be smaller companies, but we do see a few big, national chains also involved.

Best Buy is easily the most prominent there, and just started appearing on Google Express today. Party City is another recent addition, competing with a number of other similar stores. And last week we saw hhgregg come online, which would have been a bigger deal if this were prior to last year's bankruptcy filing.

Check out all the new Google Express stores below:

We'll just leave you with this, which — well, enjoy having it stuck in your head all day.