Ad extensions were already popular in Google searches and now they’re making their way to YouTube. In a search, these snippets of information show useful details pertaining to the query. For example, if you’re looking for dry cleaning, an ad in your results might also include the address with a link to the map. Extensions can also include buttons to place a phone call or send a message, among other options.

A YouTube ad extension for showtimes on a movie trailer. 

For YouTube, ad extensions will go even further. One example Google highlights is offering showtimes on a movie trailer ad. Companies such as 20th Century Fox, Vodafone, and Chili’s are already implementing the feature for their ads. Chili’s is using a sign-up form which allows customers to register for My Chili’s Rewards. With the new capabilities, marketing teams can use video streaming for lead generation, like the restaurant is doing, something that wasn’t previously considered.

To measure the success of the new ad capabilities, marketers will soon be able to create Brand Lift studies which will display with other statistics. Brand Lift is a service specifically for gauging video ad effectiveness. It does this by showing surveys to viewers who have seen them, and people who were eligible to view them, but did not watch them. Surveys are created by the advertiser and provide a number of metrics including positive response rate, cost-per-lifted user, and relative brand lift. Google refers to “lift” as viewers who were influenced by an ad. Youtube ad extensions are already beginning to roll out, so prepare for some added interactivity next time you're watching videos.