Working in an IT department is not always an easy job, but if your company uses G Suite and Google Mobile Management, life might be getting just a wee bit simpler. Admins can now remotely reset passwords for company-owned Android devices, or lock them in the case of loss or theft.

People forget their passwords, especially if your organization requires strict and complex ones to keep information safe. So if you get a call or email from someone saying that they can't remember how to unlock their phone, you can remotely reset their password for them. Similarly, if an employee loses his or her phone (by accident or by theft), the admin console also has an option to lock that device. This will require the user's password to unlock.

All of this is in the admin console under the overflow menus in the devices section. Google says that this is available to G Suite Business and Enterprise editions. This is a staged rollout and is launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release tracks.