Firefox's privacy-focused browser has undergone a few changes since its launch including the addition of tabs and a full-screen mode. The latest update to v7 includes some UI tweaks, but the big changes are beneath the surface. Focus is now running on an all-new mobile rendering engine.

Here's the changelog for Firefox Focus v7.

  • The browser’s visual design is now completely optimized for the recently released Android Pie. New icons, a customized URL bar and a simplified settings menu make it easier to use and provide for a consistent user experience.
  • We've added search suggestions so you can get to websites faster. See Search suggestions in Firefox Focus for Android.
  • We've added tips on the home page to help you get to popular features fast.
  • Firefox Focus is now powered by GeckoView for a faster and more secure browsing experience. Learn more at GeckoView in Firefox Focus.

Mozilla says the new UI is optimized for Pie, but it doesn't seem dramatically different to me. There's not much UI in the app, though. The new icons are probably the most noticeable part. Behind the scenes, the new version of Focus switches to Mozilla's GeckoView engine, which is an engine designed for mobile devices. The change started several months ago in the nightly channel. This will apparently allow for substantial improvements in future releases, but for now, Mozilla is just laying the groundwork.

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
Firefox Focus: The privacy browser