It's easy to forget lately, but Facebook was built around the concept of staying connected to your real-life friends and family. Some features still help you do that. For example, Nearby Friends, which lets you know approximately where friends in your general area are. Now, Facebook is working on a logical extension of that idea: a map that plots the rough locations of friends in your area.

This information comes to us by way of prolific Facebook feature leaker Jane Manchun Wong. Nearby Friends has been around since 2014, but previously, the opt-in feature would show a list of your friends' approximate locations ("Near San Francisco," for example). Here, clusters of friends and their locations are shown in bubbles. Check out Jane's tweet below to see it in action.

It's worth stressing again that Nearby Friends is an opt-in feature; Facebook isn't about to start showing your location to everybody you've ever met. As the feature is still being tested, you might not see it for a while yet, but it certainly seems more useful than the current list view.