Somewhere between dedicated speakers and headphones, there exists the curious breed of wearable Bluetooth speakers. They look like those neck support pillows people wear on airplanes, but they pump out sound in the immediate vicinity of your noggin. Now, one of the pricier models, Bose's SoundWear Companion, is on sale for $249.95 — $50 off its usual $299.95.

The SoundWear Companion has a speaker situated on each shoulder, letting you hear your music without drowning out sound from your environment. It's IPX4 certified, which means it can get a little damp, but you probably shouldn't wear it in the shower. Reviews are generally positive; the speaker sits at 4.4 out of five stars on Amazon, and 4.6 on Best Buy and B&H. It does charge over Micro USB, though, which is a bummer.

You can grab the SoundWear at its new reduced price from just about anywhere that sells it: AdoramaAmazon, Best Buy, B&H, or direct from Bose. (But please, if you do get one, just don't use it in public.)