Most mobile browsers hide the top of the browser UI when you scroll down the page as a way to save space. Now, Chrome OS may start doing the same thing in certain instances. As usual, this change has appeared in the Canary build first.

Google's François Beaufort has shared an animation that shows off the new UI trick in Chrome OS. According to Beaufort, the browser UI at the top of the screen will scroll off the screen as you move down a page when the Chromebook is in tablet mode. That means the tab bar, omnibox, and navigation buttons will all hide until you scroll back up.

This feature is only in Canary now, which is the step before the dev channel. It's entirely possible this feature will change or get canned before it reaches the vast majority of devices, but Google is pushing a lot of tablet optimizations to Chrome these days. It may also remain hidden behind a flag until some indeterminate future date.