Not content to let others have all the fun in October, Lenovo has decided to tease an announcement of its own, showing off a flexible phone. If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, it’s probably because you have; Lenovo introduced us to a bendable wrist-phone in 2016. That concept device never made it to market so the latest news might seem like a similar PR stunt.

In a video originally posted to the company’s Weibo account, what seems to be a working, bendable phone is briefly demoed. The device continues to scroll and allow touch input as it is folded into roughly an 80-degree angle. A couple of dark spots are seen on the screen. While they could simply be a result of demonstration abuse, one spot is clearly centered directly on the bend.

Lenovo's post on Weibo showing the flexible phone.

The translated post reads “Let’s see you in October,” with no mention of a particular date. There’s also the mention of something about a fork and being "very bad," which I’m chalking up to a translation error. Abacus News has a more accurate conversion: “We are just so terribly good. It’s time to show off.”