The BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulb makes for an easy way to manage your lighting from your phone. Today AP and BESTEK have teamed up to give away ten packs of three. Together they make for a $60 prize per winner, which is very generous indeed. There is even a 50% off coupon available for all of our readers who would like to purchase a $20 smart bulb for $9.99. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that read more button to win yourself a few 60W smart bulbs.

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Lighting one's home or office with LED bulbs can get expensive, especially if they are of the smart variety. This is why BESTEK is giving away three bulbs per winner and offering a discount for everyone else. Not only will three bulbs make it a lot easier to set up a single room, but you could also spread them out so that you have a smart light in every room that needs one.

This particular wifi bulb provides three dimmable colors that range from white, golden, and sliver. There is also a free app available that makes it easy to control individual lighting scenes or set up lighting schedules for the times you know you won't be home.

The BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulb normally retails for $19.99 on BESTEK Mall, but if you want to purchase one at a discounted price right now, we have an exclusive coupon code available. Just use this code ONLYandrp in the BESTEK Mall checkout to receive 50% off the regular price, which brings the total cost down to $9.99. The code is good from 9/26/18 - 10/20/18. If you would like to thank BESTEK for this awesome deal, you can follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Purchase hereBESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulb


This giveaway will run from Wednesday, September 26th to 11:59pm PT on Friday, September 28th. 10 winners will be selected, and each will receive three BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulbs. Only United States residents may enter. Good luck everyone!

BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulb giveaway