Travel is not a new area of interest for Google, with lots of customized cards in Search aimed at getting you the best deals on flights and hotels, as well as the dedicated Google Trips app to bring all of your bookings together and offer additional recommendations and guides. Further enhancements to Google Search are going to make it even more convenient for planning trips.

New cards in Search will serve even more information about an upcoming trip, especially if you've previously searched for the destination or have booked a hotel already. Flight suggestions, travel guides, weather reports, restaurant tips, and more will be served in a 'Continue planning' section right at the top of search results (above, left). Starting in October, previous searches for flights, hotels, and places will be saved and monitored in the 'Your Trips' section of the Trips app, also accessible in Google Flights or Hotels (above, right). You can also see this information by searching "My trips" on Google.

When it comes to traveling home for Thanksgiving, Google is already able to tip you off when flight prices are cheapest. This is now being extended to the Holidays so you'll get tips about the best deals on Christmas and New Year flights, too. Finally, a new score is being added to hotel searches to help get the best location possible, taking into account things like the nearest bars, landmarks, public transport, and so on. You should start to see some of these useful new features in Google Search right away.