Most automakers moved surprisingly fast to adopt Android Auto (and CarPlay) over the last couple years. That's in spite of the fact that Android Auto makes it harder to sell spendy navigation-enabled infotainment upgrades. Still, it's taken some longer than others to come around. Toyota is expected to roll out Android Auto next year, and now we have confirmation that both Jaguar and Land Rover will follow suit.

According to a spokesperson who communicated with MacRumors, Jaguar and Land Rover will have offer Android Auto and CarPlay on vehicles with the InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems. However, support will be part of an optional package upgrade costing an additional $280 at least. The actual cost will vary with trim level.

Existing owners won't be left out in the cold, either. Owners of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles with the aforementioned infotainment packages will be offered the opportunity to update their software at a dealership (in the US) to add support for Android Auto and CarPlay. It's unclear if there will be an additional charge.