We just posted recently about the solid downward trend in microSD card pricing on Amazon, and now there's been another big drop. Amazon is having a one-day sale on the three largest capacity SanDisk cards. The 400GB, 256GB, and 200GB cards are all at historically low prices right now.

Here are the on-sale cards.

  • 200GB: $34.99 ($9 drop from yesterday)
  • 256GB: $51.99 ($13 drop from yesterday)
  • 400GB: $99.99 ($40 drop from yesterday)

That 400GB card is an excellent deal if you need to carry around a ton of media. I believe this is the first time that card has dipped below $100. These prices are only valid for the rest of the day—about 15 hours from the time of this posting. All three have Prime shipping with free same-day delivery if you live near an Amazon distro center.

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