The last several months have been busy for T-Mobile. There are the ongoing merger machinations with Sprint, a new customer support model, and some 5G announcements thrown in for good measure, too. But the carrier has more up its magenta sleeves: it announced today that sub-brand MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile, and gaining some new plans. The refreshed offerings include unlimited data and, at the $60 tier, Google One and Amazon Prime.

For one line at $60 per month, customers get unlimited LTE data (reduced after 35GB, 480p streaming only), a 15GB LTE mobile hotspot, Google One's 100GB tier of cloud storage, and Amazon Prime, which unlocks free express shipping options, Prime Video, Prime Music, unlimited Amazon Photos storage, and discounts at Whole Foods. T-Mobile's own plans don't feature Amazon Prime or Google One, though there are other benefits. T-Mobile ONE customers, for instance, get Netflix and some Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi perks.

At $50, Metro by T-Mobile customers get unlimited data and Google One, but no Amazon Prime and only a 5GB LTE mobile hotspot. $40 provides 10GB monthly, while $30 gets customers 2GB — neither non-unlimited plan has additional hotspot data.

In terms of competition, Amazon Prime and Google One certainly make Metro stand out from the pack, and the $60 plan is also among the least expensive options for prepaid unlimited data. Below, see a far-from-exhaustive breakdown of the competition:

  • Verizon offers unlimited data starting at $75 per line. Bonuses include unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada, as well as carryover data.
  • AT&T has unlimited data starting at $55 per month for prepaid plans, and lets customers not only call to Mexico and Canada, but also use their services in those countries (though data speeds may be reduced to 2G).
  • Cricket, owned by AT&T, offers unlimited 3Mbps-capped data for $55, or unlimited high-speed data for $60.
  • H2O Wireless offers 8GB of LTE data with unlimited 2G data thereafter for $40.
  • Consumer Cellular's largest plan is $40 for 10GB. 

While the new bonuses for Metro are certainly enticing, it is important to remember that T-Mobile customers will always be prioritized over Metro customers, especially at times of high network congestion.

Hero image: Metro by T-Mobile president Tom Keys.