Instagram goes through a lot of changes in Facebook's testing labs. While some of them are just bad, like algorithmic timelines, some end up being useful. Take this latest one, for instance, where there might be wholly separate section to add hashtags to your posts without having to keep them in your captions. 

This comes courtesy of Jane Wong on Twitter, who has a pretty good track record with Instagram and Facebook tests. She uploaded two screenshots showing what this hashtag feature could look like if it hit public release.

I definitely want this. Having hashtags in my captions bothers me for whatever reason, but I'm also unusually cranky about weird things. Anyway, I digress.

From Wong's screenshots, we'll have a new screen to browse and select hashtags based on we've already started typing. If you change your mind about doing a #tbt and throwing in #yolo, then you can head back to that screen and deselect your poor choice in throwback hashtags — #holoyolo, however, is fine.

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