URLs for Google search results are big, ugly things that contain a lot of information you probably don't need to see most of the time. The team behind Chrome development is looking into remedying that eyesore, though, by showing your search terms in the Omnibox rather than the full URL for the results.

The new functionality is available to play with in Chrome Canary right now, under the flag #enable-query-in-omnibox. It'll make your searches look like they do above, with no chunky URL visible. (Presumably clicking in the Omnibox will reveal the URL, should you actually need to see it.)

While it's not as busy as the default view, it is a little awkward to see your search term on the Chrome tab, in the Omnibox, and then again in the Google search bar. Hopefully that'll get sorted out before (or even if) this feature makes it to Chrome's stable release.