Unequal treatment of female employees has been problematic at many major tech companies, and it seems like Spotify is no exception. Variety reports that Hong Perez, a former sales executive at the company, has sued Spotify over alleged gender discrimination and defamation. Perez filed suit in the New York Supreme Court on Tuesday, pointing out several examples of how she and other female employees at Spotify were treated unfairly.

Reportedly, one male executive was promoted after receiving multiple warnings for sexual harassment, and the executive repeatedly took male sales employees to strip clubs in Atlantic City. On a similar note, Brian Berner (Perez's boss) selected an all-male group to attend the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 and 2017. The festivals were described as "boys' trips," with drug use and physical altercations reportedly being common among the Spotify attendees.

The suit also alleges the global head of sales gave higher compensation and equity to male staff. The main incident that sparked this lawsuit occurred in March, when Brian Berner accepted free tickets to the Madison Square Garden. Berner reportedly blamed Perez for the situation, and later fired her over Code of Conduct violations.