Since it became available for non-Samsung phones, its Internet Browser app has become a popular alternative to Google Chrome. Compared to the stable version currently served by the Play Store (v7.4), there are several aesthetic differences in the v9.0, seemingly aligning better with the upcoming Samsung Experience 10 update.

 Versions 7.4 and 9.0.

The first noticeable change is that the labels under the nav bar items have been removed and the overflow menu has been replaced by a hamburger in the bottom right, forcing out the bookmarks shortcut. The quick access FAB has also disappeared. At the top, the URL has been centered.

7.4 v 9.0.

To go with its new location, the menu structure has been redesigned too, with a row of shortcuts to key areas such as Bookmarks and History, with other options below. This reorganization simplifies the navigation and puts everything within easy reach of the bottom of the screen — there's also no need to scroll down to see all the options anymore.

Other 9.0 screens.

Other purely visual changes can be found in the tabs viewer (black background), History/Bookmarks/Saved Pages, and in the settings section. With Samsung Experience 10 on its way, Samsung now has a browser to match. You can download v9.0 from APK Mirror.