After launching in the US, Google Play Family Library started expanding and is now available in over 20 countries. The official list doesn't mention India, but if you live there, you may start seeing the Family option pop up in your Play Store. For some, signing up for it and making purchases on the account is a smooth process, for others though, an error might show up. The feature could be in its early stages of rollout, or it's possible someone pulled the plug very prematurely.

Play Store users in India should notice a new Family option under Account. Tapping to sign up and following the process to add members to your family should be straightforward. When it's done, you should have a new Family Library option in the Play Store's side menu, and any app or game you browse will tell you if it's eligible for Family Library. By default, all purchased movies and TV shows are eligible for sharing, but rentals aren't and neither are music purchases or IAPs. Books can be hit or miss, depending on the publisher.

However, it's possible that tapping to sign up doesn't get you anywhere. You may see an error stating that your country isn't supported and that you can't sign up for Family Library yet.

If you have a Play Store account in India, give it a go and let us know if it works for you. You can read more about Family Library in our previous coverage of the feature or on Google's Support pages.

Google Play Family Library appears to be showing up in many more countries now, beyond India. In the comments below, you can see reports of the feature working in Slovakia, Colombia, Sweden, Malaysia, and I am finally able to see the Family option in the Play Store on my Lebanese account, though I get the same "country not supported" error shown above when trying to sign up.

We think this is a near-global launch to coincide with Google Family Link also coming to "nearly every country", but it's possible that everything is rolling out slowly and not fully working yet. Check it out where you live and let us know if you're able to sign up for Family Library or not.

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