Not that long ago, you had to drop big bucks for the largest microSD cards, and they weren't even very spacious. Things get cheaper of time, of course, but the last few months have brought a solid downward trend in microSD pricing. Today, you can get a 400GB SanDisk microSD card for just $139.95. It was over $200 earlier this year. The $64.99 256GB card was more than $100 just a few months ago.

Most cards on Amazon have been dropping, but the trend for SanDisk's Ultra line of cards is the most pronounced.

  • 32GB - $9.65
  • 64GB - $15.99
  • 128GB - $27.99
  • 200GB - $44.26
  • 256GB - $64.99
  • 400GB - $139.95

256GB price trends

The prices bounce around day-to-day, but this is a generally good time to buy. These cards all have free Prime shipping, and several include one-day shipping if you live near an Amazon warehouse.