If you have ever wondered how many smart home products work with Amazon Alexa, the answer is a lot. Alongside announcements for new Echo speakers and other devices, Amazon revealed that over 20,000 smart home products from more than 3,500 brands can be controlled by Alexa.

"Amazon is making it easier every day for developers and device makers to create new experiences for customers with Alexa," the company writes on its developer website. "There are currently more than 20,000 smart home devices that can be controlled with Alexa, from more than 3,500 unique brands. Customers have already connected tens of millions of smart home products to Alexa."

This is a massive leap from earlier this year, when Amazon claimed that Alexa supported 12,000 products. For comparison, Google Assistant works with over 5,000 devices from an unspecified number of brands (as of May 2018).