Samsung hasn't actually rolled out any Pie updates, but some details have leaked out. That early peek at Pie also comes with a hint of our 5G future, according to our friends at XDA. The software contains a few configuration files for different Galaxy S10 models, and some of them appear to have 5G support.

The devices listed are Beyond0, Beyond1, and Beyond2—Beyond is, of course, the GS10's code name. All three models have both Qualcomm and Exynos variants, and Beyond2 comes in LTE and 5G versions. This is more confirmation of a three-tier approach for Samsung's next flagship, as detailed in past rumors. The 0 and 1 devices will be the smaller Galaxy S10 with a few minor hardware differences, and the Beyond2 is the Galaxy S10+. This is the phone that supposedly gets optional 5G support.

Since there are LTE versions of the Galaxy S10+, those will most likely launch first in most markets. The Exynos 5G phone should drop in South Korea when that country lights up 5G. In the US, some network operators are ready to flip the switch on 5G for consumers late this year. The Galaxy S10+ with 5G could be ready in the US at launch, but carriers might only sell it to you if you live in the handful of active 5G markets.