While many of us are using Android 9 Pie or at least looking forward to an update in the not too distant future, some LG V20 owners have been simply hoping for an Oreo update. Both AT&T and Sprint have already gotten the job done. Today, Verizon customers with LG's last removable battery flagship are getting the much-anticipated OTA.

Verizon was good enough to provide a detailed changelog, which you can see below.

Home screen - Icon shape option added

  • Icon masking is available with Oreo. LG provides 4 options for icon shape menu.

Home screen - App shortcuts

  • App shortcut is provided by touch and hold on an app icon from Home screen.
  • All app shortcuts have "Widget" and "App info" icons at the top right corner of the bubble.
  • Each app has customized shortcuts for the app.

Home screen - New notification badge

  • User can dismiss notification badges on an app icon by simply erasing notifications on the notification panel.

Lock screen - Limits use of fingerprint in case of consecutive fails

  • If fingerprint detection fails 20 consecutive times, fingerprint recognition will be disabled in accordance with Google CDD.
  • Once the device is unlocked with a secondary secure lock, the user can resume using fingerprint.

Settings - Settings structure changes

  • The Settings menu has been reorganized and simplified based upon usage. A simple description of each menu is provided for easier access to the desired menu. The menu order changes based on frequency of use.
  • Removed "more" from the bottom of the menu.
  • Expanded "Searching" capability in which characters and character strings in the title, description and app name can be searched. In addition, recently searched words can be displayed and ripple animation applied on the selected item.
  • Provided "Looking for something else?" at the end of the page, which may be used to search within the tab menu.

Settings - Lock screen & security

  • Lock screen settings and Fingerprints & security settings have been unified under Lock screen & security.
  • "Security status" section is now placed at the top of Lock screen & security settings in accordance with Google CDD.

Settings > Display > Font - User preferred font style can be set on one screen

  • Font type, size and bold text can be set at once

Settings > System > Language & input > Autofill service - Autofill service

  • Saved personal information which will be automatically filled when it is needed.

It's a healthy update, but some of these features seem rather quaint a year after Oreo originally launched. We don't often talk about phones just getting autofill or app shortcuts anymore. Well, the V20 is getting those things and more. The update also comes with the August security patches and version number VS99520a.