If you're on AT&T and you've been wanting an LTE version of the best Android tablet around, then you'll be happy to know that the cellular variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is now available on the blue carrier. You have the option to buy it outright or spread the cost out over 20 monthly payments.

You can either buy the Tab S4 for $749.99 or pay $37.50 per month, depending on your preference and budget options. For your money, you're getting a gorgeous screen, powerful hardware, and "productivity" options. Odds are that this won't replace your laptop, despite what Samsung says.

In August, Samsung said that we'd see the LTE version of the Tab S4 hit other carriers "later Q3 2018." If this tablet is calling your name, just head to AT&T's website to get started. The listing says that the tablet is an online-only item.

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