I know, I know, we're the Android Police, so I'm sure the vast majority of our readers will answer "No" when it comes to buying one of Apple's new iPhones. Still, Android doesn't exactly exist in a vacuum, and a surprising number of our readers use iOS. We'll keep it our secret, this is just between you and me — and the rest of our readers, I suppose. At least the results are anonymous.

Are you thinking about picking up a new iPhone?

Fully 12% of our site's mobile traffic comes from Apple's iPhones and iPads, which means a bit over one in ten of you reading this from a phone or tablet are doing it from an Apple device. Plus, the low(ish) pricing of Apple's surprisingly feature-packed XR could be tempting for those that aren't too invested in the Android/Google ecosystem, especially if they're feeling spurned by the Pixel 3 leaks.

As someone that hasn't used iOS for any long period of time since 2012, I'm even considering picking one up to play with. If nothing else, it will help with testing features between iOS and Android apps — plus I'm just curious what it's like to use in comparison to Android now.

As long as you keep coming back to read Android Police, we don't really care what phone you're using. So, thinking of picking up Apple's new iPhone XR or iPhone XS?

Are you getting one of the new iPhones?

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