Microsoft really, really wants you to use its Edge browser. When you search for the Chrome download page in Edge, you get a giant banner telling you how great Edge is. When you're on a laptop, Windows 10 tells you that Chrome is draining your battery. Now Microsoft is about to get even more invasive, by showing a full alert message whenever you try to change the default browser.

On the Windows 10 October 2018 update, the below warning now appears when you open the installers for Chrome or Firefox. It reads, "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10."

I can't imagine the popup will convert many people; if anything, the nagware will make Windows users avoid Edge even more. Nice going, Microsoft.

Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans told The Verge that the warning won't appear in the final October update. So either this was a limited test to begin with, or Microsoft decided against implementing it after the public outcry.