If you give your phone number to the wrong person, your life can start getting very difficult. It might be a Craigslist buyer/seller, a potential date, or a business client, but no matter which it is they may start using or distributing your number in ways you never wanted. That's why you should check out Keepsafe Unlisted, a service that lets you set up extra phone numbers for whenever you want to separate yourself from your primary phone number.

Keepsafe Unlisted is part of the Keepsafe suite of apps, which also includes a popular VPN service, photo vault, app locker, and private browser. Unlisted is like the others in that it gives you control over your privacy in a user-friendly way from a company that you can trust.

With Keepsafe Unlisted, you can set up an unlimited number of phone numbers for whatever purpose or time period you want. From these numbers, you can send text messages (including photos), take phone calls, do call forwarding, and manage separate voicemail inboxes.

Why might you want a separate phone number? Maybe you're using an online dating service or buying/selling an item from a stranger and are worried about who you're dealing with. Using a potentially temporary phone number to make contact makes it easy to cut the person off if things go sour. It also makes it impossible for the person to find more identifying information about you by reverse phone lookup.

Calls and texts use VOIP rather than cellular service, so another potential use for an extra phone number is to give you a US-based phone number even when you may be out of the country. Because Keepsafe allows you to choose your number in a broad selection of area codes and cities, you may also be interested in simply having a local number in a specific place for business or other reasons.


Of course, you might just enjoy the the flexibility of keeping your business (or anything else) on one number and your primary phone usage on another. It's easier to compartmentalize when you know why and how people will be contacting you.

Keepsafe Unlisted is a subscription service. When you first subscribe — at $2.99/month — you start with 1 phone number, which you can change once per month at no added charge, and a complementary 10 free texts and 10 free calling minutes. From there, you may choose to purchase additional phone numbers as you wish. You may also want to purchase additional texts and calling minutes, which are on a pay-as-you-go model, meaning they don't expire and there is no minimum monthly purchase. Texts and calling minutes belong to your account, so you don't lose them if you change/remove/add phone numbers.

To learn more or get started, download Keepsafe Unlisted at the Play Store.

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