Google has been consistently updating its Android Auto compatibility lists every few weeks for quite some time now. Back in October of last year, the amount of car models and head units with Android Auto crossed 400, which is no small feat. Almost a year later, that figure has grown by another hundred.

When Android Auto hit the aforementioned 400 figure 11 months ago, Apple listed CarPlay as being available on over 200 cars. Fast forward to now, and CarPlay's number has basically doubled to "more than 400 models to choose from." Annoyingly, that number includes cars from BMW, MINI, Toyota, and Lexus - four manufacturers that refuse to add Android Auto support. That being said, there is an Android Auto app that can be used directly on the phone, and Apple offers no such thing for CarPlay.

Android Auto's growth is slowing, but that's not unexpected. We're hoping to see Android Automotive, a fully-integrated version of Android that runs on cars, take its place on new car models in the future.