Rootless Launcher (née Rootless Pixel Launcher) has had an exciting couple of weeks. It was released with much fanfare to the Play Store, and then subsequently pulled by Google for breaking the rules: apps can't download apps from other unknown sources outside the Play Store. Now it's back, but without the prompt to download its companion app.

It seems like a minor change, but the Rootless Pixel Bridge app is required to get the most out of Rootless Launcher. Without it, you don't have access to the Feed, which is a pretty big dent in the Pixel-like launcher's functionality. Of course, it'll still work once the companion app is manually installed, you just need to know to do that on your own now.

You shouldn't see this prompt to download the bridge app anymore. 

According to our own cursory testing, you won't get a prompt until you try to enable Feed in the launcher's settings. If it can't be enabled, you'll be told that the bridge app is missing or out of date. (Curiously, at least one of our devices is showing the Feed without the bridge app installed, though it did get Rootless Launcher from APK Mirror.)

The full changelog for the update (v3.9) which returns Rootless Launcher to the Play Store is just below:

Remove Rootless Pixel Bridge installation code.
Replace icon with material design version (by @allstargaurav).
Show launch shortcut in other launchers and Play Store.
Specify tablets are supported in the manifest.

As noted, in addition to the removal of the companion app installation prompt, Rootless Launcher also has a subtly updated icon, with a bit more gloss to the top and an angled shadow on the white house outline. We've updated our header with it if you'd like a look at the new icon.

The v3.9 update is out now, and you can download it from the Play Store or APK Mirror. As always, the companion/bridge app for Feed functionality can be pulled down separately at your convenience over on APK Mirror as well.

Rootless Launcher
Rootless Launcher
Developer: Amir Zaidi
Price: Free