It can be inconvenient to keep all your media stored locally, and there are plenty of cloud services that will save a few terabytes of data for a low monthly fee. Plex Cloud was designed to take advantage of that, offering a cloud-based server connection to stream your media. However, after pausing sign-ups earlier this year, Plex has announced the service will end on November 30th.

According to Plex, it paused Plex Cloud sign-ups in February so it could investigate ways to make the service cost-efficient without sacrificing the user experience. In the end, it couldn't find a solution, so Plex Cloud is shutting down effective November 30, 2018. On that day, you'll lose access to your cloud files via Plex Cloud. If there's one bright spot, it's that Plex isn't storing anyone's files. The data is all in cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon. You'll still have your data, but the cloud-based Plex server will vanish.

If you've been using Plex Cloud and want to continue accessing those files in Plex, you'll need to devise a new setup. You can always download the files and store them locally, running Plex on a NAS or desktop PC. Plex Pass subscribers can get 20% off Western Digital drives for the rest of the month to help make that feasible. Alternatively, you can set up a more challenging VPS (virtual private server) to run your own online instance of Plex. Whatever you do, get it done by November 30th.