Google has a massive battle ahead of itself if it seriously hopes to compete in the online-shopping game against the likes of Amazon. Honestly, it may already be a lost cause, but don't tell Google that — the company's been signing up new Google Express retail partners by the dozens. A few weeks back we shared with you a new group of stores popping up on the service, and now we've got a bunch more, all eager to align themselves with Google's retail experiment.

The good news is that this latest batch doesn't appear to be particularly inundated by regional-specific stores, or those otherwise acting as placeholders ahead of broader Google Express support. But at the same time, we're also not seeing an influx of new major retailers, with the list built primarily from smaller, specialist (and particularly online — just note all the dot-coms) entities. How many Halloween costume stores can there be? We don't know, but Google Express seems destined to work with them all.