Nest Secure launched last year with a hefty price tag and slick operation, but it was a little lacking in features. Nest has dropped the price and pushed out feature updates to address user concerns, but one notable omission has escaped Nest's attention until now. In the latest version of the Nest app, you can finally enable motion detection while you're at home.

Nest Secure has two armed modes. There's Home and Guarding, which you'd usually enable while at home at night. 'Away and Guarding' is for when you leave the house, and previously, motion sensors were only active in this mode. Now, you can set the system to 'Home and Guarding' with select motion sensors enabled. For example, you can have motion sensors in the garage and downstairs turned on while you're upstairs in bed.

To enable motion sensors in 'Home and Guarding,' go to the settings of your Nest app. Under Security, you should have the option to select a mode and edit the settings—this screen is different in the new update. Select 'Home and Guarding,' and tap on 'Motion Detection' to choose which motion sensors will activate. You need to be on Nest v5.27.1.3 or later to enable motion sensors.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free