Just look at it. Do you see those artful lines? Those graceful curves? This, my friends, is what you get when you don't set out to create just another boring-old utilitarian enterprise tablet for soulless purchasing departments — this is what happens when you put design on a pedestal and refuse to settle for less. Meet the Panasonic Toughbook FZ-L1.

Sure, Panasonic could play things safe and churn out another incremental Toughbook, a tablet with slightly better specs than before, and maybe the odd bell or whistle. Really, though, why even bother with top-shelf silicon? Surely a Snapdragon 210 is more than adequate for any usage demands in this day and age.

But this is no run-of-the-mill Toughbook. No, sir. It is just oozing style from its gills. You've been following New York Fashion Week? You fool. How could you neglect the high-design hub that is the Panasonic press room? There, the company enlightens us with the grand revelation of this "Stylish New 7” Android Rugged Tablet Ideal for Customer-Facing Mobile Workers."

Don't let all those major smartphone brands tell you that bezels are out — what are you, some kind of sheep? Bezels are lines, and lines are form, and form is life. The FZ-L1 has more style crammed into just one sliver of its chunky bezels than all the iPhones and Galaxy models in the world combined.

Sick of devices that are the same boring color all the way around? Not only does this Toughbook feature both of this season's hottest colors — silver and black — but Panasonic switches them up midway around the FZ-L1's edge. That's just squeezing in extra style for your buck.

Modern design isn't purely a matter of shapes and colors, though. Branding is still king, and even the most stylish item is practically naked without a proper logo. Panasonic could have gone in any number of directions here, but we're just happy to see that the hippest of all system icons has clearly come out on top, as the FZ-L1 features the most prominent NFC badging you'll ever find.

Is NFC turned on or off? It's straight-up impossible to use this stylish tablet without knowing.

Style is about challenging expectations, and broadening horizons. Why use a pedestrian USB port for connectivity when you can have a big, chunky, proprietary interface? Everyone's got USB on their stuff. But only us style mavens are brave enough to think differently. Go ahead and clap, we've earned it.

Did we mention it has a stylus? You literally can not spell "style" without "stylus."

Pricing for the Panasonic Toughbook FZ-L1 starts at just under £1,050, but talking about money at all is just so very gauche when we're dealing with what frankly is nothing less than a work of art. In fact, Panasonic, you probably shouldn't sell the FZ-L1 at all. Instead, lock them up in your vault and wait for them to inevitably appreciate ten-fold in value. Style like this only comes around once a generation, and you don't want to make this mistake of ruining things by oversaturating the market. We'll be upset, but we know you're just doing it for the sake of style.