If you aren't a Youtube content creator, then you probably aren't familiar with FameBit — unless you remember the (now debunked) Pixel 3 release date rumor from last month. For the uninitiated, it's a service for YouTubers and other content creators to connect with marketers, helping "influencers" make a bit of cash with sponsored content. And now, conveniently enough for both parties, Google has released an app for it.

Google acquired FameBit back in 2016, and since then it has stayed mostly out of the news — at least, barring that Pixel 3 leak we mentioned. I'm told by YouTubers more familiar with the matter than myself that the site is difficult to navigate on the best of days, so hopefully, this new app should make things a bit easier.

The app listing itself is delightfully non-descriptive, with a single sentence for prospective users: "Powered by data, we built the best in class tools to connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience and inspires action."

The FameBit app allows content creators to do things like send proposals to marketers; send and receive messages once connected; and filter by metrics including reach, categories, social channels, price, and country.

It's an initial 1.0 release, so if you're hoping to give it a try, odds are there might be a couple of rough edges. And if you happen to spot any more Pixel 3 details hiding in FameBit listings, be sure to let the world know.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free