Google has been testing more language support for Assistant in several countries including Denmark and Norway. Now, it seems that those two languages are either going live for everyone or nearly about to do so.

The Google Assistant pages have been updated to add variants for both Danish (da-dk) and Norwegian (no-no). Every language has a dedicated Explore section that shows off all the commands you can use. So far, we've only received two tips about the Danish availability, so either Norwegian hasn't launched or it's going out in batches.

Based on previous experience, we know that the official page going live means the launch is quasi-imminent, so be patient if you don't see it yet. And if you don't know how to check for it, you simply have to tap and hold the home button on your phone (which should be set to either of these languages) and see if you get the old on-screen search interface or the Google Assistant.

These two languages follow closely the launch of Assistant in Dutch and Swedish. Back in May, all four countries were promised official Google Home availability "later this year." Having Assistant speak the language is the first hurdle to cross, and since that's done, it seems that Home's launch could be imminent now.

  • Thanks:
  • Kenneth Bornhøft Jørgensen,
  •  Lars Ladingkær