The OnePlus 6T was rumored to have an in-display fingerprint sensor ever since the Oppo R17 debuted with one. OnePlus phones are often based on one of the R-series devices and as the timing lined up with our expectations for the 6T, we collectively figured it would get one as well. Last week's alleged leaks of the phone's packaging seemed to corroborate that, and now Cnet has received confirmation from OnePlus (with screenshots) that the 6T will have an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Screenshot of the 6T's ambient display, with an icon denoting the position of the in-screen fingerprint reader. (Image from Cnet.)

According to statements received by Cnet, the new in-display fingerprint reader, though incredibly cool, comes at a minor cost. The 6T will be around half a millimeter thicker to accommodate it. Allegedly the company had entertained the idea as far back as the OnePlus 5T, but repeatedly opted to skip as "the technology wasn't mature enough." We also don't know if this implementation is using a Qualcomm or Synaptics configuration.

If and when the OnePlus 6T does land with the technology, that would make it the first major, non-import phone in the US to get it. While the Porsche Design Mate 10, aforementioned Oppo R17, and a handful of Vivo phones have the feature, none of them are being sold stateside yet.

Back at MWC, we got a chance to play around with the Vivo Apex which also had an in-display fingerprint sensor, and it was pretty snazzy, working across most of the lower half of the screen. It remains to be seen if the 6T's configuration is as flexible, but either way, it'll be pretty futuristic — though we question the utility compared to more flexible forms of biometrics.