OnePlus started offering its "Bullets" earbuds a while back, but this year it made the leap to Bluetooth with the Bullets Wireless. Now, it looks like an updated version of the company's wireless earbuds is on the way. Over at the FCC, they're testing a new version of the Bullets Wireless with model number BT32B.

The Bullets Wireless from earlier this year had good sound, and the price wasn't bad at $70. However, they weren't true wireless, and the cable was a little bulky. The new version probably won't address those shortcomings. The model number BT32B is only slightly different than BT31B for the existing version.

There's a photo of the label placement, which shows off the same thick cable between the earbuds. Beyond that, there's not much we can glean from the FCC docs. The earbuds were tested for Bluetooth standards compliance, but that's what you'd expect for any wireless headphones. We'll probably learn more when the rumored OnePlus 6T is official.