The original Samsung Chromebook Plus is still a very good laptop, and in many ways, better than the Plus V2 that replaced it. It's powerful enough for most Chrome OS workflows, works well with Android apps, and has a great 2400x1600 12.3-inch screen. Now you can get it for the insanely-low price of $199.93, but only if there's an Office Depot store around you.

The Chromebook Plus is powered by an ARM OP1 processor, with 4GB RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage. The 12.3-inch 2400x1600 display is perhaps the best feature, especially since it works with a stylus. The laptop supports both Android apps and Linux apps. There's no major catch about the Chromebook Plus, except the mediocre keyboard - this is just Samsung (or Office Depot) wanting to clear out stock.

The laptop is sold out online, so your only option is to check your local Office Depot store.