When Google Fit's 2018-era Material redesign landed a couple weeks back, our readers were quickly upset that Google killed the app's home screen widget. At first, I thought it was possible that we might see it return in an update, but scrolling through the list of widgets available on my phone, it struck me that Google doesn't really seem to care about them in 2018. Most are single-action icons superseded by app shortcuts, and many that aren't languish with dated designs. Even Chromebooks can't use widgets, though they have Android app support and plenty of desktop space to make use of them. That makes me curious, is your own widget use waning? How many do you use?

I tend to get equal quantities of love and hate for my single, monolithic home screen widget — which I've had in various forms going back to 2012. I mostly just use it to fill out space on what would otherwise be a sadly empty screen, but information like uptime and memory use can come in handy, and I like the obvious time at a glance.

There are a lot of useful widgets out there if that's your style. Google Calendar and Gmail's widgets can keep you productive and mindful of your schedule and work. And while YouTube Music doesn't have a widget, when it comes to entertainment, Play Music, Spotify, and Netflix do.

As a point of comparison for the future, how many widgets do you have on your home screen(s)? Since it's built into the launcher, for the purposes of this poll let's not include the Pixel's 'At A Glance' unless you've added it manually/separately to another device (intention being the distinguishing factor, here).

How many widgets do you have on your home screen?

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