Android 9 Pie officially landed just over a month ago, but we've been collectively anticipating the changes it brought since the first developer preview was released over six months ago. In that time, we've painstakingly assembled an extensive list of the features and tweaks Google delivered. Most of our readers probably know the details of this latest version backward and forward at this point, and so we're curious: If you could, what would you change in Android P?

As the Android Police, Pie is the latest progression of our raison d'être, but even we have some things we'd like to change about this most recent major version. It's one of the most dramatic updates in recent years, with much more substantial and polarizing user-facing changes than Nougat or Oreo delivered. Some of the notch-optimized tweaks like a max of 4 visible notification icons and the relocation of time to the left side of the status bar have resulted in some angst from the notchless. Though I'm probably alone, the changes to volume controls have me a bit miffed.

There are always a few critical points of view, though. The response to other features like P's text selection, built-in Smart Replies, and notification tracking for hunting down annoying apps have been almost universally positive. Further changes like gesture navigation and the updated app switcherboth of which saw multiple iterations over developer previews — are more divisive. Google's don't-call-it-Material-Design-2, which features heavily in the visual language for Pie, is also very bright and white in this era of dark/night theme enthusiasm.

A lot is going on in Android 9 Pie. You've probably either used it by now or read and seen enough to form at least some preliminary opinions. We'll even be putting together a video follow-up later in the week, so this is your chance to be heard. Are there things you miss from older versions of Android, or maybe you've worked out some new features you think would complement the current set?

What would you change in Android 9 Pie?