Google is still testing its Pie-based Digital Wellbeing features on Pixels, but it seems to be coming along nicely. A new update rolled out today that addresses several pain points with the Wellbeing tools. Making the most important features more accessible seems to be the theme. For example, you can open the Wellbeing menu with an app shortcut rather than tediously digging into the settings. If you want that right now, we've got an APK for you.

Google has Digital Wellbeing available as a beta in the Play Store. The update is still rolling out, but here's the changelog.

  • You can add an icon to your apps list for quick access
  • Edit your Quick Settings to add a Grayscale tile by tapping on the Quick Settings edit icon
  • New link to Night Light schedule on the Wind Down page
  • Visual improvements to the dashboard

The option to add a Wellbeing shortcut to your app list is at the very bottom of the screen. I'd suggest turning this on immediately if you ever check the stats during the day. It'll be much easier than going through the settings. Likewise, there's a quick settings toggle that gives easier access to the grayscale mode in Digital Wellbeing. Since Wind Down is tied into both grayscale and Night Light, Google added a shortcut to the Night Light settings in Digital Wellbeing as well.

Devices running the official beta through the Play Store will get an update soon, but you can sideload it if you want the new features now. The latest build (0.2.211650599 beta) is on APK Mirror.

Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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