Pausing memberships isn't something that many subscription services offer, but YouTube TV is now joining that limited club. In the (probably pretty rare) instance that you'd like to pause your YouTube TV subscription, but not completely cancel it, that's now an option according to YouTube TV's support documents.

YouTube TV will allow your subscription to be paused for anywhere from four weeks to six months. It looks like the main reason you'd do so instead of canceling it is to have your recordings continue to be saved while you go on your hiatus, though the nine-month expiration date for recordings still applies. In the event that you want to resume your membership prior to the return date you'd set, the date that you do that becomes the new monthly billing date.

If you'd like to utilize this subscription pausing feature, just go to YouTube TV's membership settings (or hit this link), click 'Deactivate membership,' then 'Pause membership.'