When you need to find something on the internet, you Google it. But "Googling" has started to expand beyond just looking for articles online, it now also searches for your personal information and shows it only to you. This happens when you look for a name of a contact you frequently email (you get some Gmail conversations), for an appointment's title, or for destinations you've received flight/hotel information for, and more. Soon, it may also start including your own browsing history.

If you look for a keyword you've recently seen in a webpage, you might notice a "Relevant history" box on top of the search results. Expanding it explains that only you can see these results and shows three of the most relevant pages from your browsing history that are related to that search term. You can tap to view more or go back to another related search as well.

The "Relevant history" box appears to be a server-side test. No matter what term I use, knowing that I've read and browsed dozens of pages related to it, I can't trigger the box to show up for me. However, I can get a similar effect by going to the Personal tab and looking for things in my browsing history.

If you do see this box, keep in mind that it's not that creepy. You're probably visiting all your websites on Chrome, which is signed into your Google account. Your history is there, and you can search inside it. Google is just surfacing these results on the main search page now, to save you the extra steps of going into your Chrome history first.

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  • Henny Roggy