I've been noticing it pretty much since I arrived in Germany for IFA 2018, and now we've had a few tips from readers to confirm it. Google's desktop search UI is being updated to more closely follow the latest evolution of the company's Material Design guidelines — this means rounded corners everywhere, more white than a snowstorm, and a persistent search bar.

Slowly but surely, Google has been introducing an updated look (that some are calling Material Design 2.0) to many of its products. Recent examples include Android Messages and even the Chrome browser (for its 10th birthday). Now, when you search on google.com or in the Chrome Omnibox, the look of the webpage will be a better match for the browser itself. The search box is completely rounded at both ends, and the background of that top section has changed from light grey to white. The Google logo also appears to be a bit smaller.

Currently, only the 'All' tab, with general web results, has this updated UI. Switch to another tab and it'll look much like it has for some time, but we can expect these to be updated in due course. One exception to this is that in 'Images,' results now have the page name and domain noted below. Previously this information was only shown when hovering over an image. The various filters above results now also appear in rounded bubbles.

The changes are not unlike what we've seen on the mobile Google Search page, and are generally indicative of a whiter, rounder style Google is moving towards. I personally don't mind the rounded corners so much — it does look more modern — but like many others, I could do without so much white. If the reason is to enable dark theming in the future, then I totally get it, but the general homogeneity and colorlessness will get boring fast.

  • Thanks:
  • Ruslan Egorov,
  • Edric Chan